Family Law

Divorce or marital separation can be a very difficult and trying time for you and your family. Issues and disputes may arise during marriage and after the dissolution of the marriage that may require you to seek legal assistance and legal advice for the benefit of yourself and the interests of your family. During these stressful and seemingly unsure times, we advise that you to consult with a New Jersey Family Law Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm to discuss all of your family issues and assist and guide you through this process so that you can be confident that your concerns are addressed and your rights are protected. Your New Jersey Divorce Attorney will provide you with the necessary education, support, and communication that is intricate in developing your relationship with your attorney and build trust necessary during a time in your life and your family’s life that may seem at times overwhelming.

There are many reasons why clients come to our office and seek legal advice and assistance. Some clients have been having some trouble within their marriage in which they believe the solution will be to get divorced. Divorce can be a very emotional process and your attorney will not be here to encourage you to pursue divorce. We always seek the best solution and discuss option with our clients. We discuss whether there is any mode in which it is possible that your relationship with your spouse may be reconciled. Should reconciliation not be an option we will not hesitate to provide you with the necessary information and guidance in pursuit the dissolution of your marriage. Although we do not encourage divorce, when a client comes to the conclusion and decides that divorce is the only step to be taken then from day one your New Jersey Divorce Attorney will prepare for trial should no settlement or agreement ensue upon the start of you divorce proceedings. We are here for you available to communicate and guide you from the moment you file your Complaint for Divorce to the end of trial and beyond.

When there are children involved there are separate and important issues that our clients must be informed and aware of. Most clients are interested in the health, welfare, and education of their own children. Clients seek what is in the best interest of their children. In order to protect our clients right, we will discuss and communicate with our clients to address their Family Law issues and concerns regarding the custody of their children and the needs of their children in regard attaining a necessary award of child support.

During the process of negotiating a potentially favorable settlement agreement the Juzmeski Law Firm will be sure to address each and every one of our client’s needs and concerns. We are sure to inform our clients of their rights and factors that may play into attaining alimony. We also make sure that our clients are informed of their rights and factors that can play into the distribution of assets attained during marriage. Alimony and marital assets can play an intricate role during negotiations. Should the parties continue to dispute over particular issues, we will seek the assistance of the Court if it is in the best interest of our client to resolve the disputed issues.

Certain issues may occur during the process of dissolving the marriage and the dissolution of marriage in which client need our legal assistance. Due to certain circumstances which may occur due to unemployment or underemployment as well as many other factors, client reach out to us so that we may provide them with the legal services so that we may modify or seek modification of an order, judgment, or an agreement that specifically hold our client responsible in areas of Child Support, Child Custody, or Alimony. In these circumstances, we must prove and show the Court that certain factors should result in the modification of responsibilities and rights under a particular order, judgment, or agreement. Issue may also arise in which clients want to protect their right under a particular order, judgment or agreement and want to enforce their rights and the obligations of the other spouse. In these circumstances, we provide our clients with information and guidance during our legal representation so that we may seek to enforcement of litigant’s rights.

Juzmeski Law Firm can handle your Family Law issues including but not exclusive to the following:

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