Child Support

Divorce or marital separation can be a very difficult and trying time for you and your family. Should the matter involve children, it is New Jersey’s policy to insure that the children’s best interest are taken care of and that parents fulfill their duties in providing for their children. Child Support can play a key issue in a Divorce proceeding and often times a disputed issue between parties. Child Support may be agreed upon by the parties. However, if an agreement is unlikely to occur then a child support award will determined by the Court. Allow a New Jersey Divorce Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm to assist and guide you through this difficult transition. We provide clients with essential communication whereby informing clients of the State of New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines and providing crucial legal representation that will protect the child’s best interests in an effort to secure a necessary child support award.

Child support is not only a necessity, it is a duty and a responsibility to be shared by both parents. Should the parents not come to an agreement between themselves as to the appropriate child support to be provided, the Court will determine the appropriate amount of child support to be awarded through the examination and application of several nonexclusive factors.

New Jersey is clear on its public policy that parents provide their children with financial support. The State of New Jersey sets forth specific Child Support Guidelines whereby to properly calculate the appropriate amount of Child Support to be awarded. The established Child Support Guidelines assist the Courts in granting fair and adequate Child Support awards. The Child Support Guidelines are based on estimation of intact families financial support provided to their children. The Child Support Guidelines apply several variables to come to an appropriate amount that may be awarded such as each parent’s income and percentages of time spent raising their children.

The Child Support Guidelines address child support awards for the interest of children whose parents' combined total yearly net income is below $187,200. For parents who are underemployment or unemployed, the Court has resolved these issues by imputing income on individuals. Should income exceed $187,200, the child support award will be computed up to $187,200 in consideration for a minimum child support award and then the Court will evaluating and determine certain factors pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(a) to supplement the child support award. Some factors the Court may consider in its determination is the needs of the child, the parents standard of living, parents responsibilities towards their child, parents earning capacity and ability to pay, and age and health of parties. It is important that your child’s best interests are represented properly and that you seek dependable representation from a New Jersey Family Law Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm to further handle your Family Law matter..

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