Equitable Distribution

During the process of negotiating a settlement agreement that addresses your needs and concerns, disputes over property owned by the parties can cause delay in any possible negotiations and settlement to your Divorce Matter. Equitable distribution is the process of how the courts may decide to divide the marital property between the spouses if parties do not come to an agreement on their own. Equitable distribution applies to all assets acquired during the marriage including but not limited to real estate, vehicles, jewelry, mutual funds, stock options, bank and brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, and businesses. Consult with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm to provide you with the necessary information and guide you through legal issues involved with equitable distribution and inform you of your legal rights and responsibilities.

The New Jersey Superior Court addresses equitable distribution of marital assets through a three-step process. The three-step process includes the identification of property that is part of the marital estate, the valuation of each marital asset, and the distribution of marital assets in a fair and just manner. As with many issues involved in the dissolution of marriage, the parties to a divorce may come to an agreement as to the fair and appropriate distribution of assets attained during the marriage. However, disputes may arise as to what may be fair and appropriate as to the division of marital property. Should disputes continue and the parties are simply unable to come to an agreement as to the division of marital assets, the parties may seek the assistance and determination of the Court to equitably distribute and divide marital assets in a fair and just manner. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23.1, the Court will address several nonexclusive statutory factors to its assessment and determination of equitable distribution. Some of the statutory factors the Court the will review and examine in its determination of appropriate equitable distribution is how long was the marriage, age and health of the parties, standard of living, agreement entered by parties prior to or during marriage, financials of the parties and the contribution of the parties.

It is important that you have the proper representation and seek the assistance of a New Jersey Divorce Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm to guide you through this stressful and emotional process. During this difficult transition, we provide clients with the necessary education, support, and communication that is intricate in developing attorney client relationship and building trust necessary during this time in you and your family’s life that may be overwhelming and intimidating.

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