Modification of Child Support, Child Custody, or Alimony

During the pendency or the conclusion of a Divorce, marital separation, or family law matter, orders may be set by the Court or agreement may be entered by and between parties which confer rights and responsibilities that parties to matter must comply. However, issues during the life of a responsibly party may arise and prevent that party to comply with the specific provisions of an order or agreement. Such events and changed circumstances that may cause complications to a party may be severe financial difficulty, substantial change in income, loss of employment, change of employment, personal health condition, or remarriage. If such an issue does arise, we strongly suggest that you consult with a New Jersey Family Law Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm to discuss, assist and guide you through possible modification of a post-judgment order or agreement.

Modification of any order or agreement is a common disputed and litigated matter between parties to a divorce. Modification of an order or agreement can be very complex and we suggest that you seek the legal advice and retain legal representation from a New Jersey Family Law Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm to guide you through this process. Clients look for the assistance of a family law attorney for several reasons for the purposes of modifying an agreement. Some clients need modification of a parenting or visitation order or agreement or a particular custody order. Some clients need modification of a child support award. Other clients need modification of a spousal support or alimony award. The Juzmeski Law Firm provides you with the necessary, education, and communication so that you may be informed and confident that you are provided with quality legal services that address your concerns and needs during this transitional period in your life.

For clients who are seeking the possibility of modifying an alimony award or child support award it is important that it is important that you be informed of what essentially will be examined and reviewed in a determination of modifying an order or agreement. In most circumstances, it is crucial that clients seeks proper legal representation as they are in need of an appropriate and fair increase or decrease in an award of alimony or child support. For clients who are seeking modification is essential that a client be able to show and prove to the Court that there is a change in circumstances which warrants an order modifying alimony or child support. We will provide you with the necessary guidance and inform you of changed circumstances of which the Court will examine in its determination for or against modification of a particular order or agreement.

A New Jersey Family Law Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm can assist and advice clients who are experiencing post-judgment issues including but not exclusive to the following:

  • Modification of child support orders;
  • Modification of child custody or visitation orders;
  • Modification of child custody or visitation agreements;
  • Modification of spousal support or alimony orders;
  • Modification of spousal support or alimony agreements.

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