Landlord / Tenant

There are certain rights and responsibilities New Jersey landlords and tenants in New Jersey must be aware of. Although at times it may seem complex, knowledge of a landlords and tenants rights and responsibilities under New Jersey laws can help individuals to potentially avoid stressful situations, disputes, and costly and expensive litigation. Landlords can be placed in position to make hard decisions however without proper advice and knowledge of New Jersey laws a landlord may act in a manner that may have negative legal implications and have unintended adverse affects as against the landlord. Consult with a New Jersey Real Estate Attorney at Juzmeski Law Firm to assist and guide you through any of your landlord or tenant issues.

Your New Jersey Real Estate Attorney will vigorously review and negotiate lease terms and lease agreements to ensure that your rights under your lease are protected. The Juzmeski Law Firm will advise Landlords of their rights through drafting terms of your lease agreement, rights of holding a security deposit, rights of increasing rent, rights of eviction, and rights to collect rents due. We also advise Tenants of their rights against wrongful eviction, rights against retaliation, habitability issues, and withholding of rent. The Juzmeski Law Firm will address and each of your concerns and specific needs.

Should disputes arise whereby a tenant fails to pay rent, abide by specific terms of your lease, or any issues that affect your landlord or tenant rights, the Juzmeski Law Firm will pursue appropriate measures to resolve specific issues in dispute. Should these issues persist, we will seek to protect your rights by filing the necessary documentation and proceed to litigate the matter within the Court. The Juzmeski Law Firm provides clients with the necessary education, support, and communication throughout your landlord and tenant transaction and possible proceedings that may occur should any dispute arise

Failure to Pay Rent and Eviction Proceedings

We realize that a tenant’s failure to pay rent may be the most common dispute that arises between a landlord and tenant. If a tenant fails to pay rent that is due upon the terms of the agreement entered into with the landlord, the landlord may immediately proceed to commence an eviction proceeding to regain possession of the property. Under these circumstances, the tenant has the right to make payment of all rental arrears due and owing in full by the end of the business day at date of trial dismissing the matter. We strongly advise that you consult a New Jersey Real Estate Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firms so that you can be confident that your attorney will work diligently to protect your rights and seek out just results.

Grounds for Removal of Tenant

N.J.S.A. 2A:18-61.1 provides New Jersey residents with a list of ground for which a landlord pursues for removal of a residential tenant. We strongly advice that you consult with a New Jersey Real Estate Attorney to discuss any and all of your landlord or tenant issues or disputes so we may properly advice you of your legal rights and responsibilities and plan for possible eviction based on specified ground. The following is a nonexclusive list of ground for removal of which your attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm can handle and provide legal assistance:

  • If a tenant fails to pay rent due and owing under the lease whether oral or written;
  • If a tenant fails to pay rent after a valid notice to quit and notice of increase of rent;
  • If a tenant continues to be disorderly as to destroy to peace of quiet of neighbors surrounding after the receipt of a written notice to cease;
  • If a tenant has willfully destroyed or damaged your property;
  • If a tenant continuously breaches the landlords reasonable rules and regulations after receipt of written notice to cease.

Should a Landlord/Tenant transaction or dispute arise, a New Jersey Real Estate Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm will diligently provide you the assistance and legal services in the following nonexclusive matters:

  • Negotiate, prepare, draft and review a Lease Agreement whether for Commercial or Residential purposes;
  • Draft Eviction Notice to Cease or Notice to Quit demanding possession of the property;
  • Filing a Complaint in the appropriate County for a breach of the Lease Agreement;
  • Protect Landlords rights as a result of a Tenants failure to pay rent;
  • Protect Landlords rights as a result of a Tenants willful destruction or damage to the Landlords property;
  • Protect Landlords rights as a result of a Tenants disorderly conduct;
  • Protect Landlords rights as a result of a Tenants breach of the lease agreement or failure to abide by the terms of the lease agreement;
  • Protect Tenants rights as a result of habitability issues that may arise within the property the Tenant is residing in;
  • Eviction proceeding in response to breach of lease agreement;
  • Execution of Warrant of Removal.

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