Property Tax Appeals

Have you and your family noticed that your property taxes have increased each year from the time you have owned your property. For most people, increases in property taxes can be costly and take away from a property owner’s hard earned money. Although property values have decreased over recent years, property tax increases have persisted. Under these circumstances, real estate property owners seek the assistance of New Jersey Real Estate Attorney or New Jersey Property Tax Appeal Attorney to file the proper property tax appeals for the potential of reducing higher property taxes and cut down on yearly expenses.

What some real estate property owners are not aware of is that property taxes are a result of a local budget process and may not be appealed. However, real property owners may appeal their real property assessment. A real property assessment is essential an opinion of the value of a real estate property by a licensed professional. As an a real property owner seeking an appeal of your real property assessment you have the burden of proving that your assessment is an error, unreasonable, excessive, or discriminatory. Property owners must show that their real property assessment does not fairly represent the true market value of their real property which can be shown by applying either the true market value standard or the common level range standard. In essence what a real property owner should propose to the municipality is that there is a more appropriate value for your property.

Property tax appeal must be filed annually on or before April 1st or within 45 days of the bulk of mailing of the assessment notice or May 1 st where a municipal-wide revaluation or reassessment has been implemented. Once you tax appeal application has been properly filed within you municipality, a hearing is necessary and will be scheduled. However, you may not need to attend the scheduled hearing before the County Tax Board should the assessor, municipal attorney and taxpayer agree to a settlement which must be approved by the County Tax Board. A settlement agreement may be immensely beneficial to a real estate property tax owner who wanted to reduce his or her property taxes and cut on expenses.

Property tax appeals can be a difficult and confusing task. The Juzmeski Law Firm can assist and guide you through your property tax appeal. A real estate property owner seeking to pursue a property tax appeal must be aware of the specific filing requirements including deadlines and fees. A New Jersey Real Estate Attorney at Juzmeski Law Firm will assist property owners with the filing of necessary material and preparation for Property Tax Appeal hearings. We are committed to providing you with diligent legal representation and will work vigorously to address your needs and concerns.

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