Fort Lee, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Fort Lee, New Jersey has a growing population of over 36,388 Fort Lee residents. Fort Lee has become one of the most heavily populated cities in Bergen County. Fort Lee has a strong history going as far back as its incorporation in the early 1900s and even further back in the times of George Washington. Fort Lee is given the name after General Charles Lee who was a soldier that served in the Continental Army as a General during the 1775 American War of Independence. Fort Lee, New Jersey has a strong history that it stands on and such a history reflects in the strong community it has become.

With a high population of 36,388 people, Fort Lee’s community has an average diversity with strong culture and value. Over 57% of the Fort Lee population of men and women 15 years of age and older are now married. Approximately 8.6% of Fort Lee’s population is divorced and approximately 2% of the population is separated. With these differentiating statistic family disputes may arise and divorce proceeding may occur whereby a Fort Lee resident will seek the assistant of counsel particularly a New Jersey Divorce Attorney to provide him or her with the necessary legal representation to resolve and or conclude their divorce proceeding and family law matter. We that you consult with a divorce lawyer at the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. as issues of spousal support, custody, and support for children may become disputed issues within your divorce proceeding.

Fort Lee residents may have family law disputes or divorce action that will likely be heard in the Bergen County Superior Court located on Main Street, Hackensack New Jersey. Bergen County residents, such as Fort Lee, residents who are pursuing divorce will file a complaint for divorce in the Bergen County Superior Court. The process may seem ever so daunting and complicated especially when this time in your life may be very stressful. However, being properly educated and informed of the process of divorce will provide you the necessary confidence and courage to help you past these tough times. To be sure that your rights are properly protected and you are guided through this seemingly confusing and complex time, we encourage you to seek the legal advice and representation from a New Jersey Divorce Attorney.

The heart of Fort Lee is located mere minutes from the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. office located at 1 US Highway 46, Suite 1, Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Our office is conveniently located a few short blocks from the Bergen County Superior Court where Divorce matter including family law disputes are handled for resident of Fort Lee who may seek or have sought action to pursue an action for Divorce and resolve any family law issues that are in dispute. Should you potentially have a matter to be heard in the Bergen County Superior Courthouse we strongly suggest you consult with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A.