Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Hasbrouck Heights is a hometown city to our office located in Bergen County., New Jersey. As of July of 2009, Hasbrouck Heights has a population of 11,445 people. The population of Hasbrouck Heights is split fairly evenly between men and women with men making up approximately 48% of the population and women making up approximately 52% of the population. Hasbrouck Heights is a beautiful city in Bergen County with notable history, monuments, and residents. Some notable residents of Hasbrouck Heights include Frank Sinatra, Jason Briggs, Bill Parcells, and many more. More information can be found at the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights official website in regards to the city’s mayor and council, municipal court, planning board, tax assessor, and much more.

A large percentage of the Hasbrouck Heights population is married. Of an approximate population of 11,445 people, over 58% of the population, 15 years of age and over, are married with approximately a little over 24% of the population has never been married. As with any population family law issues and disputes arising from divorce can occur. With a population of 11,445 people, approximately 6% of the Hasbrouck Heights population is divorce. With over 600 people of the Hasbrouck Heights population being divorced it is clear that some residents will eventually seek legal representation from a New Jersey Divorce Attorney so they can feel confident that they have retained proper legal representation to handle their divorce and family law matters. During such tumultuous time, it is essential that resident of Hasbrouck Height whom are experiencing such family law issues be properly informed of their rights and obtain the appropriate advice and representation.

A decision to pursue divorce can be very emotional and cause our client’s certain stress. With the unknown stress of days to come, there are certain areas of our client’s divorce matter that they must be informed of. A divorce can be a lengthy process depending on the circumstances of the matter. Certain issues can delay the conclusion of your Judgment of your divorce and in turn cost higher legal fees to settle, negotiate, and when necessary litigate your matter. Certain disputes may arise when a great deal a property is involved in your particular divorce matter. Often times high value properties such as real estate property may become an issue of dispute. Other than property, parties may argue as to the proper amount of alimony and child support to be awarded. It is important during this time in your life that you seek proper legal representation from a New Jersey Divorce Attorney so you are assisted through this process and you are afforded the information necessary to keep you informed.

Hasbrouck Heights is the home town of the office of Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. located at 1 US Highway 46, Suite 1, Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Our office is conveniently located on several major intersections including I-80, Rte. 17 and Rte. 46. Should you have a matter involving issues of divorce and family law we strongly urge you to seek legal representation. As a Hasbrouck Heights resident, your divorce matter may very well be heard in the Bergen County Superior Courthouse located a few blocks from the office of Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A.