Montclair, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Montclair is a city in Essex County, New Jersey with a population of approximately $37,669 as of the 2010 United State Census. Montclair has one of the largest populations in Essex County, New Jersey. There are over 15,000 households and over 9,000 families that reside in Montclair, New Jersey. Of the over 15,000 households, approximately 34% of Montclair households have children who are 18 years of age and under living within the households. Of the over 15,000 households, approximately 47% of Montclair households are married and living together. Males make up approximately 46% of the Montclair, New Jersey population while females make up approximately 55% of the Montclair, New Jersey Population. Approximately 14% of the female households do not have a husband present. With over an estimated 10% of the Montclair, New Jersey population either divorce or separated.

We at the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. are dedicated in providing the highest quality legal services to our client in need of legal assistance in matter involving divorce and family law issues. Divorce can be a lengthy process and an important decision to be undertaken my many clients. Montclair residents experiencing family law issues and contemplating divorce should seek the advice of a New Jersey Divorce Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. and discuss your family law issues. You can be assured that you may consult with your attorney and discuss each of your concerns and family law issues with the utmost confidence that it is being done so in a confidential and professional manner.

Divorce can often times involves issues that can be highly disputing during your divorce proceeding. It is often times the case where parties can agree to issues involving alimony, child support, parenting time, and division of property and assets. However, should disputes continue and no resolution or settlement is possible it is best that your matter be brought before the Court so that the disputed issues can be resolved. Your New Jersey Divorce Attorney will have you best interests in mind as we litigate any disputed issues that may come across during your divorce proceedings. There will be many times in which parties may come together to enter into a settlement agreement on any one of the disputed issues. It is important that you keep your attorney informed of any changes and any and all information relevant to your divorce proceeding as it can help with the negotiating process.

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