Newark, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Newark, New Jersey is located in Essex County, New Jersey. With of population of approximately 277,140 people, Newark is considered to be the largest city in the State of New Jersey. Newark has maintained its status as New Jersey’s largest city. In the year of 2000, Newark was considered to have the status of the 63rd largest city in the United States of America. Newark has major air, railway, and shipping hubs. The more notable are known as the Port Newark as the port facility and Newark Liberty International Airport which provides flights which is considered as one of the busiest airports in the nation. Newark, New Jersey is also known for its commercial activity and business. The more notable corporations known to the Newark area is the Prudential Financial and PSE&G. Furthermore, Newark, New Jersey is known for education institutions and facilities it provides for its residents and visitors all across this nation and international regions. The more notable educational institutions located in Newark, New Jersey are known as UMDNJ (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Rutgers University, Rutgers Law School, and Seton Hall Law School. Newark, New Jersey provides ample commercial opportunity to citizens and ample educations opportunity to citizens.

Residents of Newark, New Jersey who are experiencing issues and disputes within their family or who have considered pursuing an action of divorce should consult with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney so that their Divorce proceeding is handled properly and the client rights are protected to the full extent. It is essential that clients who have decided on pursuing divorce have a proper understanding and knowledge of the divorce proceeding moving forward after the filing of the appropriate application, Complaint for Divorce, within the proper Superior Court. It is important to that a client understand the appropriate measures to take if they have been served a Complaint for divorce. As a resident of Newark, it is highly likely that your divorce application or response to a divorce application will be filed in the Superior Court of Essex County. In addition to being fully aware of divorce procedure, we at the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. find that it is extremely important that our clients be advised of their rights should disputes over support of the children, support of the spouse, custody of the children, or equitable distribution arise.

Newark residents in need of legal advice and representation in regarding to their divorce should schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. The Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A.’s hours of availability are extremely flexible so please discuss the appropriate time that works for you. Newark residents are a few miles away from our office located at 777 Terrace Avenue, Suite 303, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ which is easily located next to I-80, Rte. 46, and Rte. 17. The quickest route we recommend to Newark resident to reach these highways is Rte. 21 which will connect to these major highways which will bring you to our office.