Little Falls, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

The Township of Little Falls, New Jersey is located in Passaic County, New Jersey. Little Falls, New Jersey has a small population in Passaic County of approximately 10,855 Little Falls residents. Little Falls was incorporated by legislative act in the 1860s. The following are some demographic statistics of Little Falls, New Jersey. Of the approximate 10,855 people that reside in Little Falls, New Jersey, an estimated 4,600 are households and an estimated 2,600 of the Little Falls population consists of families. Of the estimated 4,600 household in Little Falls, approximately 22% had children less than 18 years of age within the household, approximately 49% were married couples, and approximately 38% were non-families. The median income per household within this township is approximately $58,000.00 while the median family income increases to approximately $70,000.

The Township of Little Falls, New Jersey has a website that is available to all Little Falls residents and guests who are seeking some information regarding the Township of Little Falls. Little Falls’ website provides information regarding school within Little Falls, department which include but are not limited to the police department, fire department, health department, public works, and the tax office. Little Falls website also lists information regarding flood watch and flood mitigation. In addition, you can also search the calendar of events that will take place within the Township of Little Falls, New Jersey.

Divorce does involve complicated issues. It is important that you seek the guidance a New Jersey Family Law Attorney to handle your divorce matter. An often highly disputed issue during the divorce proceedings will be spousal support or alimony. It is important that our client understand the distinctions between the different types of alimony and the factors that the court will consider in its determination for an award of alimony. There are different types of alimony which will be considered based on the facts and circumstances of your matter which can include permanent, reimbursement, rehabilitative, and limited duration alimony. Your New Jersey Divorce Attorney will discuss with you about what particular options may apply to your matter. Although highly contested by parties, disputed issues such as alimony can be negotiated and often time is. An appropriate amount of alimony to be given to one party and paid by the other can be agreed upon by the parties. Should the parties not come to an agreement the court of proper jurisdiction will hear the disputed matter and make its determination based on certain factor and any relevant information the court finds necessary to make its determination.

Little Falls, New Jersey resident are approximately 15 minutes from our office located at 777 Terrace Avenue, Suite 303, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Most residents of Little Falls will take Notch Road onto Rte. 46 East. Little Falls resident can then take Rte. 46 East and take a right onto Terrace Avenue. Proceed down the ramp and make a right onto Terrace Avenue and our office will be on your left hand side. If you are experiencing difficulty and troubles in your marriage and are in need of the assistance of a New Jersey Divorce Attorney please do not hesitate to call our office to schedule a consultation.