Wayne, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

The city of Wayne is located in Passaic County, New Jersey. Wayne, New Jersey has a large population for a city in Passaic County of approximately 54,069 residents. With a growing population the city of Wayne understands the importance of keeping its residents informed.

The Township of Wayne, New Jersey has a website that provides important information and is accessible to anyone whether it you are Wayne resident or guest who is seeking information about the Township of Wayne, New Jersey. The Wayne website provides for a calendar of events that includes many events such as planning board meetings, clinics, or any other town event information that will take place within Wayne. In this area of Passaic County, Wayne has experienced flood emergencies that have affected many Wayne residents. Wayne, New Jersey tries to keep its residents informed of any weather conditions and forecasts whether severe or not so that Wayne resident can be prepared. The city of Wayne provides its residents with flood warnings, tips on flood preparedness, and any other relevant information that can be useful during time of severe weather and flooding. The Wayne website also informs its resident and guest of upcoming events that are marked on the calendar whether it be Wayne town meetings, clinics, and any other important events to inform Wayne residents.

Divorce can be a devastating time for our client’s life. Divorce is hard on our client’s and divorce is hard on their family. When you have decided that Divorce may be the only option it is important to discuss your matter with a divorce attorney. Divorce can be complicated and process can be lengthy. It is essential that you understand your rights and the process. Certain dispute can arise during the court of your divorce proceeding. Such disputes may involve your children in the form of support and custody. Some disputes may involve assets and the equitable distribution thereof. Other disputes may arise as to your spouse possible obligation to make appropriate alimony payment to you. All of these disputed issues will be negotiated during your divorce proceeding in hopes to come to a beneficial agreement so that we may settlement your matter and conclude your divorce by the entrance of a Judgment of Divorce. Should the parties not come to an agreement the Superior Court Judge where the matter was filed shall hear the disputed matter. It is important that you stay informed and are properly represented by a New Jersey Divorce Attorney.

Wayne, New Jersey residents are a few short minutes away from our office located at 777 Terrace Avenue, Suite 303, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. For the best possible route to our office Wayne residents can take Rte-23 South towards Newark and merge onto I-80 East and proceed toward New York. Proceed down I-80 East until you see signs for Rte-17 South. Merge onto Rte. 17 South and take your first exit which will be Terrace Avenue where our office is located. Please don’t hesitate to call our office for further information on how you may get to our office.