Cliffside Park, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Cliffside Park, New Jersey is located in Bergen county has a growing population of over 22,944 residents. Despite being only one square mile, Cliffside Park is quite popular because it is an ideal location for Manhattan-commuters. Conveniently situated between the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln tunnel, Cliffside Park is easily accessible to many highways, Bridges and roadways. The Borough was founded in 1895 and sits above the Palisades. It is mostly a residential town with a diverse population situated nearby to Fort Lee and Edgewater. Hoboken, known for its bars and restaurants, is nearby as well. The surrounding areas are filled with plenty of entertainment from parks and restaurants to pool halls and even a golfing center, all right by the Hudson River waterfront.

The community is composed of 48% male and 51% female and the median resident age is 40 years. The median household income in 2009 is $67,909.00. Additional statistics from 2009 show 50% are now married, 2.4% are separated, 8.8% are divorced and 9.4% of the population is widowed. Some may choose to remarry whether they are already divorced, separated or widowed, whereas others may wish to divorce their spouse still in their first marriage. In these circumstances, a resident of Cliffside Park may be interested in meeting with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney to discuss what is involved and needed in a divorce proceeding.

At the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. we strive to help you with any issues of spousal support, custody, and support for children within your divorce proceeding. Legal representation may seem intimating, but a consultation will ease many of your concerns and aid in your understanding of divorce procedure and if it applicable for your specific case. We do not encourage divorce as that decision is entirely of your own – we simply lend a hand in understanding your rights and the various options available to you. Divorces proceedings fall under family law matter and we can provide assistance in issues relating to spousal support, custody, and support for children. Such matters are common disputes between partners and can often only be mediated in a court of Law therefore requiring the assistance of an attorney. Reasons for divorce include but are not limited to: cultural and lifestyle differences; mental instability or mental illness and incapacity; criminal behavior and incarceration; physical, sexual or emotional abuse; infidelity (when your spouse has an affair regardless if it is one or more times); lack of communication; financial concerns; or incompatibility when it comes to sexual relations or child-rearing.

If you reside in Cliffside Park, it is likely that your family law dispute or divorce will be heard in the Bergen County Superior Court located on Main Street, Hackensack New Jersey. Bergen County residents, including Cliffside Park, who are in pursuit of a divorce, will file a complaint for divorce in the Bergen County Superior Court. Depending on your situation, your life may already be stressful and complicated; however we work to make the process as simple and easy-going as possible. Being fully informed about divorce procedure is critical and will assist in increasing your level of confidence and providing you with the courage you need during such difficulties. To be sure that your rights are properly protected and you are guided through this seemingly confusing and complex time, we encourage you to seek the legal advice and representation from a New Jersey Divorce Attorney.

Cliffside Park is located less than 10 miles from the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. office located at 777 Terrace Avenue, 3rd Fl., Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Habrouck Heights is easy accessed by way of US-46 W, I-80 W10.7 mi, or by way of Palisade Ave and US-46 W. Our office is conveniently located a few short blocks from the Bergen County Superior Court where Divorce matter including family law disputes are handled for residents of Cliffside Park, who may seek or have sought action to pursue an action for Divorce and resolve any family law issues that are in dispute. Should you potentially have a matter to be heard in the Bergen County Superior Courthouse we strongly suggest you consult with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A.