Teaneck, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Teaneck is a diverse township in Bergen County, New Jersey in the suburbs of Manhattan. Teaneck has an estimated approximate population of 39,776 people as of 2010. This Bergen County community is attention-grabbing with its diverse cultures and range of places to eat from Kosher hamburgers to fresh Sushi and Vegan restaurants. The Borough of Teaneck, New Jersey is the second most densely populated community within Bergen County.

With a population of approximately 39,776 people, Teaneck’s population is made up of approximately 47.1% males and approximately 52.9% of females. The median age of residents of Teaneck is around 37-28 years of age about the same as the median age of residents of the State of New Jersey. The median income of households in Teaneck is above the state median average. Teaneck median household income as of 2010 is approximately $92,833. The population is largely composed of Jewish and African American communities with increasing diversity with emergent Asian and Hispanic populace. Additionally, 75% of households have families with 34% having their own children. 58% are husband-wife families and approximately 40% of the households of Teaneck are over the age of 16. Out of 12,470 households, 58% are married couples living together. Within the household population of Teaneck, approximately 6.8% are divorced. In the state of New Jersey, the divorce rate is 3.8% per 1000 married couples; a 1996 study showed that 50% remarry within the first three years of their divorce and 75% of those 2nd marriages fail within 3 years of marriage (U.S. Census Bureau).

If you are experiencing a Family Law dispute or issue, we strongly advise you to seek out a free consultation with one of our attorneys at Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. Our location is nearby and convenient to all Teaneck residents. It is important you know that problems within a marriage can arise at any time and there is no shame in understand what choices are available to you, which depends on your individual circumstance. If your marriage is deteriorating, or you are facing difficulties regarding child support, these are serious concerns that can affect your daily life. Rather than simply coping with your situation, come discuss your issues with a Bergen County Divorce Attorney. A conference will not make you obligated to divorce your spouse, nor do you have to notify him or her until you decide what is the best path to take for your own situation. Although a divorce proceeding can be highly stressful and involves disputes over support this does not mean that you should feel hopeless or discouraged. At Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. we will explain everything to you in order to make the process as smooth and understandable as possible.

There are many different reasons to file for a divorce. Some of the most common reasons are infidelity such as when your partner is unfaithful either on one or more occasions; when your partner becomes verbally, psychologically, emotionally, or physically abusive; financial issues such as spending habits or gambling; child rearing (neglect, abuse); addiction (alcohol or drugs); and even religious and cultural strains. Sometimes your spouse can change dramatically from the time you are married to when you have children and live together for several years or decades. Instead of growing old together people can grow apart from one another. In other situations problems can be more detrimental such as when a spouse turns to alcohol during times of frustrations or stress and thereby effectively weakening their partnership. Other times a spouse’s behavior can change and they may become violent or other times a partner can neglect or abuse a child by refusing to change diapers, ignoring the child or refusing to help with daily care. Abusing a child regardless if their own or a stepchild is also grounds for divorce.

Moreover, after your divorce proceeding, you may be entitled to alimony perhaps better described as spousal support. If you are a client who seeks to continue the standard of living established during your marriage then once the divorce is finalized you could seek alimony. With the necessary information regarding your divorce and clear communication your divorce attorney can provide you with the legal representation to potentially settle the matter with the other party, which in this particular case would be your husband or wife. Should the parties be unable to reach an agreement on alimony, then it may be necessary to seek the assistance and review of the Court who will resolve the matter as to the appropriate support to be awarded for your specific case. There are several factors that come into consideration and review by the Court. Should you be experiencing difficulties such as these, we suggest you consult with a divorce attorney located in Bergen County.

The Bergen County town of Teaneck, New Jersey is located approximately 15 minutes from the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. located at 777 Terrace Avenue, 3 rd Fl., Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. To make your trip shorter to our office, we suggest that you take the major New Jersey highways of Rte. 4 and Rte. 17 that will take you directly to our office. Should you be experiencing any family law issues we strongly urge that you consult with a Divorce Attorney at the office the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. located in Bergen County.