Franklin Lakes, New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Franklin Lakes is located in Northern New Jersey within Bergen County. As of the 2010 United State Census, the Bergen County borough of Franklin Lakes has an estimated population of approximately 10,590 residents. Franklin Lakes is one of the few cities in New Jersey ranked high in earned per-capita income and ranked high nationwide as a high-income city within the United States with a population of a minimum of 10,000 people. The borough of Franklin Lakes has an upper to an upper-middle class community with high incomes and high employment. Such a community paved the way for introduction of several large corporations and small business that are based within the borough of Franklin Lakes. Forbes listed the borough of Franklin Lakes as one of the this Nation’s most expensive zip codes in 2010 with the average home pricing of Franklin Lakes exceeding one million dollars.

Our firm prides itself on representing all of our clients who have contemplated and have made a decision to pursue divorce with the utmost diligence and ethics. We understand the importance of consulting, advising, and counseling our client throughout their divorce process. We understand that divorce proceeding can be filled with emotions. It is important that we provide our clients with the necessary information and guidance that will allow our client to feel confident that they are making the right and necessary decision and that their divorce matter is properly handled. Our firm provides necessary legal representation to residents of Franklin Lakes who have strongly considered and determined that pursuing divorce is the right move in their lives. It is critical that when you seek counsel from a New Jersey Divorce Attorney that you are able to begin with and continue with an open and honest dialogue with your divorce attorney that you have retained to represent you in your matter. At the Juzmeski Law Firm, P.A. we believe that information, communication, and availability is highly important and of value to our clients. Although certain stresses and emotions may not be alleviated by your divorce attorney, your divorce attorney will work to the best of their ability to meet your needs and properly handle your matter to its final conclusion and entrance of your final judgment of divorce.

If you are experiencing marital difficulties we suggest that you consult with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney to best help you with your situation. Our office is located at 1 US Highway 46, Suite 1, Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Franklin Lakes, New Jersey residents are located a few minutes from our office. If you are coming from Franklin Lakes proceed down Franklin Ave and make a right onto Ewing Ave. Proceed and merge onto Rte. 280. Proceed down Rte. 280 toward Rte. 4. As you enter Rte. 4 stay to your right and merge onto Rte. 17 S toward Newark. Proceed down Rte. 17 S for approximately three (3) miles and take the Terrace Avenue exit. At the light make a left and you will see the 777 building complex to your left. Proceed to guest parking. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with your New Jersey Divorce Attorney.