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Fairview, New Jersey is located in Bergen County, Northern New Jersey. The U.S. Census shows that Fairview, New Jersey has an approximate population of 13,835 as of 2010. Of a population of approximately 13,835 residents, the population of Fairview, New Jersey consists of approximately 4,853 households and 3,256 families. Further information can be found online at the Borough of Fairview, New Jersey website. The Fairview website provides for the latest events and news taking place in Fairview, New Jersey. The Fairview website also provides necessary information to its residents in regard to the borough’s departments, information regarding the board of education and the community’s schools, and information regarding the borough’s administration.

Divorce matter can be highly complicated with the involvement of several issues which may include the division of assets such as certain valuables, homes, real estate, businesses, motor vehicles, stock, pensions, and retirement accounts. Other issues may include requests for spousal support from a party to a divorce which may be classified as permanent, of limited-duration, rehabilitative, or reimbursement alimony. If the parties to a divorce proceeding have children born of the marriage than certain issues may arise as of that relation which may be custody, parenting time, and child support. Many of these issues are not prevalent in the minds of individuals when they pursue their divorce matter. The determination to pursue a divorce involves high levels of stress and a variety of other emotion. However, it is critical that you have the proper knowledge and understanding of what is entailed in your divorce proceeding. An experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney can properly handle your divorce matter and provide you with the necessary information, guidance, advice, and counsel you will need to stay fully confident that your matter is handled properly. It is important to consult with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney as every issue that may be involved in your divorce proceeded can be fleshed out and handled appropriately.

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