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Whether you’re a novice or seasoned residential or commercial property owner, seeking the help of an attorney during the buying process is always recommended as often times it’s the largest single purchase in a client’s lifetime. We at Juzmeski Law Firm take pride in our ability to communicate the essential terms of your agreement and explain to you the multi-step process that will proceed after reviewing said agreement and signing on the dotted line.

Our services include:

  • Communicating, advising, and educating clients on the multi-step process of your Real Estate transaction
  • Diligently negotiating on your behalf, addressing concerns and representing your interests
  • Reviewing your purchase agreement
  • Advising you of your rights and responsibilities under the agreement and explaining the terms and provisions
  • Reviewing Inspections and Inspection reports
  • Ordering and reviewing Title searches, Title reports and Surveys
  • Reviewing Mortgage documents
  • Preparing for your real estate closing and communicating with all parties involved in your Real Estate transaction
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