Commercial Leases

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If you are a commercial landlord in need of of a commercial lease agreement or a business owner planning to lease a commercial premises, it is important to consult with your real estate attorney first. Not all commercial leases are the same. You need a commercial lease that is right for your business and customized to meet your businesses needs. The terms of your lease agreement are freely negotiated between the parties depending on the needs of the client whether it be rent and increases, rent abatement, construction credits for tenant improvements, length of term, use and operation, subleasing, assignments, defaults, personal guaranty, etc. Given the specific needs of the landlord or business owner, an experienced real estate attorney can provide the representation needed to negotiate the terms of your lease agreement and draft an agreement that setting forth the specific terms negotiated by the parties which provides for necessary protections, and meets the needs of the party being represented. Once executed the lease agreement becomes legally binding so do it right the first time. Contact your real estate attorney for a consultation.

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