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You’ll never forget the purchase of your first home. From the sleepless nights crunching numbers and waiting for the official yes to the satisfaction you’ll feel on closing day, buying your first home is a roller coaster of emotions. At Juzmeski Law Firm we will walk you through all of the legal steps to ensure your contract closes as smooth as possible with very little surprises.

First, we will vigorously review and negotiate the purchase of the real estate property giving you the confidence that your attorney will address all of your concerns and meet each of your needs. Then, we’ll draft and review contracts for purchase and sale, effectively communicating with clients through the multi-step process. We will review inspections, title searches and surveys, and mortgage documents.  Finally, we will prepare for your closing. On the day of closing, important documentation will be reviewed and signed by the parties involved and a final distribution of funds will occur where the property will be transferred from the seller to the buyer. We ensure the whole process is as minimally stressful as possible and take it upon ourselves to make sure our clients are well represented and their needs are met.

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