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Many homeowners consider refinancing their mortgage at least once during the life of the term. New favorable conditions or rates may arise that you want to take advantage of to lower your monthly payments and loan amounts which is where refinancing comes in handy. Homeowners may also choose to borrow additional money for property related maintenance and refinancing allows for this option.

Our office will assist you in refinancing by reviewing your mortgage documents and walking you through the refinancing process. We will have your best interest in mind and make sure the new mortgage terms are desirable for you.

Title Review

Many clients opt to represent themselves when it comes to selling or buying a property, but in the end always consult a lawyer for title review. We are equipped to read and analyze surveys and titles and detect red flags to alert sellers about any problems that might occur at close or advise buyers on issues that could arise in the future. We will also help assess and manage any risk we see as well as advise you of your rights and restrictions. At Juzmeski Law Firm we won’t only look out for your best interest but we’ll make sure your title looks clean and presentable so that when it comes time to sell you’ll have no issues in the future!

Drafting of Conveyance/Transfer Documents (Deed)

If you are Selling your home or intend on transferring property to family member, a friend, and any other party, it is important that the transfer of ownership be done properly. In order to do so, tile documents must be review and the appropriate conveyance documentation prepared for transfer of ownership. The documentation must then be reviewed with the conveying party in insure its accuracy. At Juzmeski Law Firm, we take all necessary steps to educate our clients, prepare all required documentation and review in preparation for the conveyance and transfer of ownership.

Residential and Commercial Lease Agreements

When it comes to renting your property a lease agreement is vital in making sure all of your interests are covered. This document minimizes the likelihood that any misunderstandings should arise between yourself and prospective tenants. Our office will happily advise Landlords of their rights through drafting terms of your lease agreement, rights of holding a security deposit, rights of increasing rent, rights of eviction, and rights to collect rents due. We also advise Tenants of their rights against wrongful eviction, rights against retaliation, habitability issues, and withholding of rent. The Juzmeski Law Firm will address and each of your concerns and specific needs.

If an issue should pop up between tenant and landlord our office can also assist in eviction proceedings. One of the most common grounds for eviction is failure to pay rent. Under these circumstances, the tenant has the right to make payment of all rent due in full by the end of the business day at date of trial dismissing the matter.

Grounds for Removal of Tenant

N.J.S.A. 2A:18-61.1 provides New Jersey residents with a list of ground for which a landlord pursues for removal of a residential tenant. We strongly advice that you consult with a New Jersey Real Estate Attorney to discuss any and all of your landlord or tenant issues or disputes so we may properly advise you of your legal rights and responsibilities and plan for possible eviction based on specified ground. The following is a nonexclusive list of ground for removal of which your attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm can handle and provide legal assistance:

  • If a tenant fails to pay rent due and owing under the lease whether oral or written;
  • If a tenant fails to pay rent after a valid notice to quit and notice of increase of rent;
  • If a tenant continues to be disorderly as to destroy to peace of quiet of neighbors surrounding after the receipt of a written notice to cease;
  • If a tenant has willfully destroyed or damaged your property;
  • If a tenant continuously breaches the landlords reasonable rules and regulations after receipt of written notice to cease.

Should a Landlord/Tenant transaction or dispute arise, a New Jersey Real Estate Attorney at the Juzmeski Law Firm will diligently provide you the assistance and legal services in the following nonexclusive matters:

  • Negotiate, prepare, draft and review a Lease Agreement whether for Commercial or Residential purposes;
  • Draft Eviction Notice to Cease or Notice to Quit demanding possession of the property;
  • Filing a Complaint in the appropriate County for a breach of the Lease Agreement;
  • Protect Landlords rights as a result of a Tenants failure to pay rent;
  • Protect Landlords rights as a result of a Tenants willful destruction or damage to the Landlords property;
  • Protect Landlords rights as a result of a Tenants disorderly conduct;
  • Protect Landlords rights as a result of a Tenants breach of the lease agreement or failure to abide by the terms of the lease agreement;
  • Protect Tenants rights as a result of habitability issues that may arise within the property the Tenant is residing in;
  • Eviction proceeding in response to breach of lease agreement; execution of Warrant of Removal.

Commercial Contract Negotiation and Drafting

Buying or selling a commercial property is a big financial endeavor and should not be taken lightly. At Juzmeski Law Firm we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your purchase or sale goes smoothly and your best interest is always top priority. Our services include:

  • Skillfully negotiate your contract addressing your concerns and meeting your demands
  • Diligently review your contract during the attorney review stage
  • Communicating with you throughout each stage of your real estate transaction
  • Communicating with all parties involved in your real estate Transaction
  • Ordering, requesting, and reviewing Inspections and Inspection reports
  • Ordering, requesting, and reviewing title searches, title reports, and surveys
  • Reviewing mortgage documents
  • Reviewing commitment letters
  • Preparation for your real estate closing
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