Real Estate Closings

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The closing is arguably the most labor intensive and time consuming process of buying or selling residential or commercial property. It’s the time when all of the negotiations have finished and the agreement is written on paper waiting to be signed. At Juzmeski Law Firm, we handle all of the technical aspects of the closing process. The official closing will usually be scheduled several weeks after an offer and acceptance has been made on the real estate transaction. The time between an offer and closing is known as the escrow period. On the day of closing, important documentation will be reviewed and signed by the parties involved, a final distribution of funds will occur, and the property will be transferred from the seller to the buyer.

The following is some of the few documents that will be organized and/or reviewed as necessary for the preparation of the closing for your real estate transaction:

  • HUD-1 Settlement Statement or Closing Disclosure Form
  • Truth in Lending Statement (Reg. Z)
  • Summarized financed amount
  • Monthly payment letter
  • Note
  • Mortgage
  • Warranty Deed
  • Proration Agreements
  • Tax and Utility Receipts
  • Name Affidavit
  • Acknowledgement of Reports
  • Search/Abstract of Title

The Juzmeski Law Firm provides clients with the necessary education, support, and communication that is intricate in developing attorney/client relationships and building trust necessary during one of the most important investments or sales of your life.


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