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There are times in which clients seek the assistance and legal services to establish guardianship of an individual who is incapacitated. The Juzmeski Law Firm assists clients in establishing guardianship and providing clients with the necessary information to guide them through this process. Some clients seek a general guardianship of which the Surrogate Court must find that the person is incapacitated and without capacity to manage his own affairs. The appointment of a guardian allows the opportunity for the guardian to exercise all the rights and powers of the incapacitated person who is simply unable to act on their own. Some individuals need assistance for an appointment of a Guardian of the Person or Guardian of the Property or both. We are here to help you through this guardianship process addressing and meeting your needs and concerns.


To discuss your matter with a New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney, contact the Juzmeski Law Firm – call (201) 288-2250 to schedule a Consultation.

All initial consultations and further communication with your attorney through the life of your matter will be held of utmost importance and confidential so that we may discuss your matter and any issues of concern in an open and candid, professional environment.

The Juzmeski Law Firm proudly serves and represents clients all across Northern and Central New Jersey with our office located at 1 US Highway 46, Suite 1, Elmwood Park, New Jersey.

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