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Probate can be a confusing and complex process for many individuals. Probate is the legal process of transferring the decedent’s estate to heirs or beneficiaries. Essentially, the decedent’s estate is administered by resolving all claims and distributing the assets and property pursuant to a valid will. The decedent’s Last Will & Testament is probated or filed in a New Jersey county Surrogate’s office of which the decedent was a resident. The decedent will usually choose an individual as an executor empowered with the authority of administering the estate of the decedent. The executor or administrator of the estate has the responsibilities of notifying heirs and beneficiaries named in the last will & testament, diligently search and inventory assets and claims of the decedent, satisfy valid claims, and distribute assets. It is important that you have a New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney assistant and guide you through this process so you may be confident that your matter will be handled with care.

All initial consultations and further communication with your attorney through the life of your matter will be held of utmost importance and confidential so that we may discuss your matter and any issues of concern in an open and candid, professional environment.

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